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Business Promotion understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unique challenges for your practice. But more importantly, we understand how we can help you through this difficult period.

We are not merely your website or marketing company. We believe we're a significant part of your solution: We are making any extra services that you don't already have as part of your package available to you — absolutely free of charge — as resources to help you through this temporary hardship.

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We'll Help You Connect With Your Patient Community

Communication is extremely important. Business Promotion has some great tools that will help you to communicate and reassure your patients. If your practice is able to maintain clear and open channels of communication with your community, then your team and your patients will be able to get through these trying times much more smoothly, which will earn their trust and confidence.

Two-Way Chat

Two-Way Chat - Text back and forth with your patients (and potential patients). Your office manager or front desk attendant can also view and track all chat conversations.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders - In addition to sending reminders, our Appointment Reminder System shows how many appointments have been confirmed (so you can call those who haven't). It also allows your team and patients to coordinate through our two-way chat. It even provides a Waiting List feature!

PMS Integrations

PMS Integrations - If your practice uses Dentrix, Eaglesoft, OpenDental, Practice Web, Easy Dental, OrthoEase, Dentimax, Practice Works, or WaveOrtho, our practice management integrations provide another effective method for communicating with your patients!


Reputation - We have simplified Reputation Management to put you in front of your competitors. We give you a wholistic view of your online reputation by enabling you to gather, track and respond to feedback. Learn your patients' pain points, so you can resolve them quickly and win their loyalty.

Customizable Online Forms

Customizable Online Forms - Now you can easily build and edit our new online forms. They are completely customizable, fillable and mobile-responsive! We also provide a form builder with default templates that make the process even faster and easier.

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How Your Website Can Help You Now

Your website is more crucial than ever right now.

First of all, your website is one of the fastest and easiest ways for your patients to get status updates from your office. Almost everyone uses their smartphones (or other devices) to quickly search for information online. Your site serves as the primary informational source for your current and prospective patients.

Since the American Dental Association has recommended that dentists nationwide postpone elective procedures, you probably have a lighter schedule these days. Luckily, your industry is fairly resilient and well-insulated to changes in the economy because — regardless of what's happening in the world — people will always need your valuable care and services.

So, while you may be operating at a lower volume for the time being, you need your website and marketing services now more than ever. You need to make sure you're still getting in front of the patients who are searching for your services. With fewer people looking for treatment right now, it's even more important for your practice to stand out like a beacon!

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How Your Website Can Help You in the Near Future

Above all, please remember: This, too, shall pass. The coronavirus pandemic is going to run its course and blow over. These challenging circumstances are going to end. Your present plight is only temporary.

As soon as concerns about the coronavirus begin to dissipate, your patients will be pouring back into your office in droves — so get ready!

That's right. Consider this a happy warning. Though your production schedule may be light right now, those imminent appointments are like water building behind a dam. You know you have procrastinating patients whose treatment is past due, so they will only become more urgent as time passes. Therefore, the time is now to prepare for the inevitable tidal wave of patients who will flood your office for treatment!

So, take this opportunity to make the best of this unexpected "rainy day," and use this short hiatus to get ready for the upcoming surge. Use your website to help you convert all those new patients who will be searching online for your services.

Together, our team and yours have invested a lot of work into your marketing and branding efforts. We have boosted your website's SEO to establish your present ranking and authority. It is imperative that we keep your website active and working for your business — especially during slower times — so new patients can easily find you and your practice doesn't lose the ground it has already gained.

Remember, the flood is definitely coming — like toilet paper-seekers to a Walmart!

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A Few Quick Tips for Your Morning Huddle

Here are a few tips to review with your team during your next morning huddle. Let us know if you have any questions.

  1. 1. Continue to Take Calls - Patients will be calling to schedule (or reschedule) future appointments. Even if your office closes for a week or two, our team can help you route your incoming calls to your reception team's remote location. It is far more effective to speak with those patients to get them scheduled officially and on the books!
  2. 2. Demonstrate Diligent Infection Control - If you're continuing to see patients and hold office hours, do everything you can to put your patients' minds at ease by being responsible. Follow all the recommended protocols and precautions for infection control and sterilization (e.g., wear gloves and masks and frequently clean surfaces, etc.). If you have team members with a cough or visible signs of illness, encourage them to stay home and recover. When confirming appointments, if your scheduled patients are "under the weather," they should be asked to reschedule when they are feeling better. You might even consider spacing out appointments (since your schedule is likely thinner), in order to have fewer people in the office throughout the day. If you have time in your schedule, what if your team took a moment to review proper handwashing techniques with your younger patients?
  3. 3. Send Patients a Newsletter Update - It can be advantageous for your practice and helpful to your patient community, if your team writes a short newsletter (which our team can help you blast out electronically) explaining your precautions and instructions mentioned above in No. 2. This is an effective way to encourage unwell patients to reschedule.
  4. 4. Call to Encourage and Check on Patients - One meaningful way to keep bored team members busy is to have them call and reach out to your patient community. Some people are troubled by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially our elderly population. So, what if your less busy team members took 10 minutes to call a patient to offer support and encouragement? We often tell our patients they're like a part of our family. What if we were to actually treat them that way?
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Your Website is Safe and Secure

It goes without saying, but in case you were wondering: Business Promotion is prepared.

Rest assured, your website and your services are safe and secure. Everything will continue smoothly. There will be no downtime or delay with your services. Our team is ready and working efficiently for you during this pandemic.

We Are With You!

Every step of the way, Business Promotion will be with you through these temporary challenges.

We all work and reside in a resilient country that has pulled through world wars, terrorist attacks, financial crises, and yes, even diseases. Soon the coronavirus will be another victory for us — a short period of growth and triumph in our history books.

We will all get through this together. Please know that we are with you, and you can count on Business Promotion.

Let us know how we can help. We're here to serve you.