Facebook and Blogging - September (Week 2)

Published: 09/12/2014

Need a little help when it comes to blogging and Facebooking? Business Promotion is here for you! Here are some ideas to inspire your next blog post or Facebook post:


  • September 15th is National Thank You Day. Take a few minutes to say "thank you" to your patients and tell them why you appreciate their business. Make sure to talk about how they make your work worthwhile and the joy they bring to your practice.
  • With school in session, life can be pretty hectic for kids rushing to school to extracurricular events to sports practices to doing homework. It can be easy to skip brushing your teeth when you're running to catch the bus in the morning or don't have time to brush after lunch. Offer some tips for students that can help them maintain good oral hygiene during their busy schedules.
  • We give weekly blog ideas, but many of these ideas can be turned into an excellent Vlog as well! Video blogging can be a powerful way to reach your patients and draw more attention to your site. A successful blog post almost always include a graphic or picture to capture an audience, but a short video can really set your posts apart from the others. To start, try filming a short "about me" video to introduce yourself to potential patients.


  • Restaurants and many other services industries have tip jars for exceptional service. Try setting up a tip jar in your office, but instead of tipping with money, patients can leave compliments as tips. Have a pen and stack of note cards so patients can leave short messages. Post the great ones to your social media page and use them as reviews!
  • Have you heard Owl City's song about dental visits? Get together with your staff and make a funny music video to go along with the song and share it on your social media pages. It should be a guaranteed way to get a few laughs.
  • Start a campaign to organize your own national holiday! Have your followers give their input for what the day should be, and then have everyone post photos of how they celebrated the day. National brush your cat's teeth day? Or how about "Give your wife a massage while she brushes her teeth day?" Get creative.


Now go out there and post! If you have any questions about setting up your Facebook page or your blog, contact Business Promotion today by emailing seo@bpihelpdesk.com.

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