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Securing Your Site with an SSL Certificate

Published: 09/08/2014

Have you ever noticed the little lock icon in the location bar of your browser, particularly when you're visiting a website that deals with private financial information? You may have also noticed website addresses starting with "https://" instead of "http://". That icon and the "https" indicate that the website is secured through an SSL certificate. Basically, that mean your browser and the website are encrypting the information transmitted between them, using a code that's very hard to crack.

Here at Business Promotion, it has been our standard practice to place SSL certificates on websites that needed the security to process payments or accept the submission of private health information online. However, because Google recently announced their search algorithms will start giving a slight preference to secure websites, we plan on rolling out SSL certificates to sites that have one of our Search Engine Optimization packages.

If you do not have one of our SEO packages, or if you would like to accept payments or online patient form submissions, call us at 866-664-5216 to find out how you can upgrade your website.


Author: Eric Stone
Position: Senior Web Developer
Eric Stone has been working in website development since 1999, and has been with Business Promotion since 2009.

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