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Facebook and Blogging - August (Week 2)

Published: 08/08/2014

Need a little help when it comes to blogging and Facebooking? Business Promotion is here for you! Here are some ideas to inspire your next blog post or Facebook post:


  • Are there any quotes that inspire you or words that you live by? Share some of the wise words that motivate you and explain why they are meaningful. There are plenty of dental-related quotes, or you might have some that apply to life in general.
  • Does your practice offer custom-made athletic mouth guards? Write a blog highlighting the importance of protecting your teeth during contact sports. It is estimated that over 5 million teeth get knocked out each year during contact sports, yet the overwhelming majority of athletes do not wear mouth guards.
  • Have you been practicing dentistry for many years? Write about how much dentistry has changed since you were in dental school and how much you think it will change in the next 20, 30, or 50 years.
  • What do you look for when hiring a dental hygienist or other member of your staff? What qualities do your team members have that set them apart from the rest? Brag on your dental team and write about why your dental hygienists are among the best in the business!


  • School will be back in session soon, so write a post directed towards the parents. Try something like, "While your children prepare to return to school with new backpacks and outfits, remember that no outfit is complete without a smile. Bring the kids in for a dental exam and teeth cleaning so that they are ready to face the new school year with a bright, healthy smile."
  • Have you heard the song about dental floss? Frank Zappa wrote a song about being a dental floss tycoon titled "Moving to Montana." You can find the video here and share it on your social media pages.


Now go out there and post! If you have any questions about setting up your Facebook page or your blog, contact Business Promotion today by emailing

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