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Will Social Media Reach a Plateau?

Published: 07/28/2014

Each year there is talk that social media will reach a plateau, and speculators say social media can't possibly get any bigger than it already is. And every year a new, exciting social media platform successfully launches and social media continues to expand. Here is a quick timeline of the evolution of social media launches we have seen so far:

2003: MySpace and LinkedIn
2004: Facebook
2005: YouTube
2006: Twitter
2007: Tumblr
2010: Pinterest and Instagram
2011: Google+ and Snapchat
2013: Vine
2014: ?

Just this month, a team of former Microsoft engineers launched Pixotale, a new storytelling application designed to redesign the idea of long-form storytelling for the modern era. Streamfrom Forbes launched this year as well and is a social platform dedicated to networking and sharing between readers.

We know that more and more social media platforms are launching, vying for a stake among the hundreds of millions of users on social media. So how far should you stretch yourself as a business? How many social media networks can your potential client base handle at a time? Should you try to be the first to jump on every bandwagon, or should you focus all your attention on a tried and true network such as Facebook?

The answer lies in what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing campaigns. Each network has its own unique features that make it special, and understanding these features is crucial. Facebook has proven that it is going to stick around for at least a while and still offers the benefits of reaching a large audience, ad-targeting capabilities, and supporting a wide range of content. Snapchat is a great platform for announcing flash sales, and stories are prominently portrayed at the top of a user's applications so that content is likely to be seen. Pinterest has a wide reach among women and mothers, but the style of content is much more limited.

Social media is an excellent and necessary marketing tool, but it must be strategically implemented. Determine how much of an impact you have on each social network and whether the return is worth the effort. While staying with the times can't hurt if you are tech savvy, it is important to focus your marketing on the major social platforms with the most users within your targeted demographic. For now, Facebook still rules.

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Author: Mike Nay
Position: Social Media Account Manager, Blogger
Mike graduated with a bachelor's degree in English and an art minor from Tulane University. At Business Promotion, Mike obsessively stays up to date with the latest trends in social media and writes informative and engaging blogs. Outside of work, Mike is commonly classified as a hipster when he is playing disc golf, listening to old vinyl records, and glassblowing.

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