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Why You Are Not On the First Page of Google (And What You Can Do About It)

Published: 07/21/2014

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl taught us a valuable lesson about the power of desiring something. Charlie simply wanted the Golden Ticket more than everyone else in the world and was rewarded by a statistical anomaly that allowed him to tour the Wonka Factory. What this teaches us is that if you want to be on the first page results in Google, all you have to do is really, really want it.

Oh, you've already tried that? And it's not working? In that case, let's take a more analytical approach to this.

A Google results page typically includes ten organic listings. When you're trying to hit the first page, what you're really vying for is to be considered one of the ten best answers to the question asked.

How many people are asking your question? How many of those people do you need to make it to your page?
If you're trying to rank for "buy 48-foot yacht," you may only need one person to view your website every month, so page 2 might cut it. However, if your keyword is "buy green apple frooties," you're going to need to grab much more traffic from your competition if you plan to cover your expenses.

What to do about it

If there simply isn't enough traffic to share with your competitors, then your keywords are probably too narrow. Instead of only focusing on "buy green apple frooties," you may want to look into also ranking for "buy grape frooties," "assorted frooties," and "cheap green candy." When it comes to rankings, diversity is the spice of life.

How stiff is the competition?

If you're the only person selling Thneeds to all of Thneedville, don't even worry about your rankings. But if you buy your coffee at the same shop as ten of your competitors, you have no shortage of people willing to take your potential clients. This can be an especially big problem for location-based services.

What to do about it
You would most likely be hard-pressed to make the first page for something like "lawyer in New York," since it's an area with tens of thousands of lawyers and you would need to be in the top ten. Try honing in on your target area by narrowing your keywords. Maybe "lawyer in New York City" is small enough for you. In most cases, however, "lawyer in Queens NY" would be closer to the keyword you could make the first page on.

By narrowing your primary search term to your most manageable area, in conjunction with adding more peripheral keywords to your site, you set the groundwork for improvement. SEO is always a process, and you can't expect results overnight. Focus on the positive - the quality keywords you are already are ranking for - while you build your primary keyword to a more competitive level. For more information about SEO, please feel free to contact our Business Promotion marketing team at seo@bpiehelpdesk.com.


Author: Todd Brown
Position: SEO Agent
Todd Brown is an SEO Agent at Business Promotion. He has worked in marketing since high school, where he began promoting concerts and events using both printed ads and social media. In recent years, he has worked more closely with promoting events for visual arts. Todd spends his free time enjoying live music, hosting parties and events, and reading poetry and metaphysical philosophy.

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