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An Introduction to Graphic Design

Published: 07/07/2014

Graphic design and marketing have evolved greatly over the centuries. Some may argue that graphic design even has its roots in prehistoric cave paintings (used to communicate a story or idea). Logos have their roots in the signet rings that royalty wore and the imperial ink stamps that were used in ancient China. Marketing has been used ever since mankind wanted to barter for goods and services to add perceived value to those items.

With the evolution of design, there have been benchmarks that have changed not just design alone, but have also marked leaps forward in the progress of mankind. The invention of the printing press not only allowed more accurate replication of designs, but for the first time, reading and writing were no longer limited to the aristocracy; the common man could now become educated. Another great leap forward for both mankind and design was the creation of DARPANET and its eventual evolution into the Internet. The world became smaller as global markets became more available, communication barriers were broken down, and artists and programmers now came together to create a new design genre and an interactive art form: the website.

Graphic design and marketing are two terms that go together like peanut butter and chocolate (see what I did there). Not all marketing uses graphic design (for example, radio marketing), but since most people are very visual, if you want to convey any idea, from the very simple to most complex, graphic design will play a role in those visual items.

There are a great many elements that your designers, developers, and marketers must take into account to create a successful website. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses not only on getting more traffic to your website, but also what happens once visitors reach your website. At Business Promotion, our graphic designers have been educated to know how layout, color, style, and every element of a website's design not only provide the important first impression you want to give to your visitors, but also communicate your message effectively and convert those website visitors into clients.

Over the next few months, we will be examining some of the tools and knowledge that Business Promotion's graphic designers use to create more effective websites. (Next month: a look at the primary colors - red, yellow, and blue - and the role they play in the psychology of marketing.)


Author: Marc Steffensen
Position: Creative Director
Marc is the Creative Director at Business Promotion and has been with the company since 2009. He has been a professional graphic designer since 2005 and a graphic artist since the mid '90s. Marc's interests are eclectic within all things "nerd" culture, from music and movies to games and collectables. He is an amateur barbeque chef and likes to "fire up" his smoker, even in the middle of winter.

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