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Now That Your Facebook Page is Set Up, What's Next?

Published: 06/23/2014

Your new Facebook page is sitting in front of you, freshly made and ready to be posted on. What now? You may have a few likes, but how do you get more? It's actually not as difficult as it seems, and it all starts in the office.

The big question is how your current and potential clients will find you on Facebook. If you don't talk about your Facebook page, then no one will know about it. Mention your Facebook page when clients are at your physical location and you'll find your page picking up.

There are many ways to make it obvious as soon as someone walks into your business that you have a Facebook page. You can make a display saying, "Like us on Facebook," or something similar to start the conversation. You can even have your Facebook page name listed on this display so they can look you up on their smartphones on the spot. As long as you are talking about your Facebook with your clients, you'll be gaining new likes regularly.

As with everything that is new, it will take time and effort to build your Facebook following. While it takes time, it is always worth it to build your online presence. For more information about building your presence on Facebook, feel free to contact our Social Media Team here at Business Promotion by emailing us at


Author: Alyse Harisay
Position: Social Media Account Manager
Alyse Harisay is a Social Media Account Manager at Business Promotion. With experience in SEO and internet marketing, she found her niche with social media. She believes that the best ways to grow your business behind the scenes are through client engagement and using social media as a tool to accomplish that. In her spare time, Alyse enjoys baking, making jewelry, and spending time in nature.

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