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Personalizing Your Website: Photos

Published: 06/09/2014

Making your website more personal can go a long way in connecting with potential clients, as well as in building a stronger bond with your current clients. Custom website design and personalized "About Us" information are essential in making your website unique and conveying the culture and personality of your company. Your website will seem generic and rather bare, however, without photos. Photos are an excellent way to personalize your website and allow your clients to familiarize themselves with your company. There are three main types of photos we will briefly discuss that can help your website feel more personalized and individual.

The first type of photo is a team or staff photo. Including photos of the members of your team helps clients get to know the real people that make up your company. Depending on the size of your company and how closely your clients work with different parts of your team, you may choose to include photos of every staff member, just a few (like the head of each department), or a group photo of your entire team. Team photos help your clients get to know you, and it gives them a familiar face when they visit your office for the first time.

The second type is a photo of your product or service. The nature of your business will determine what kind of photo this is - for a dentist, it might be before and after photos of smiles you've helped to create, while a car dealership would include photos of their cars. Photos of your products and services give your client an idea of what they can expect to receive from you.

The third and final type of photo is a photo of your office or building. This may be especially helpful for businesses where the client often visits your office. Adding photos of your office to your website can help your client better find and recognize your office when they visit for the first time, and including photos of the interior of your office allows your client to see what to expect before they even step foot in your office.

Adding photos of your team, products and services, and office can make a great difference in personalizing your website and helping your clients feel more familiar with you and your company. To learn how to add photos to your website, feel free to contact us at


Author: Caroline Larson
Position: Director of Content Management
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