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Twitter's New Layout

Published: 05/19/2014

Have you updated your Twitter account to the new Twitter profile layout? With the recent release of the updated profile redesign, your new Twitter profile will be bolder with more prominent photos and Tweets.

How will the photos change?
With the addition of a Facebook-equivalent "cover photo," Twitter now allows you to customize your profile more by allowing a customizable header photo. Not only can you customize this header photo, but your profile photo now has a much more prominent place on the page as well.

How will the Tweets change?
You now have the option to "pin" a Tweet to the top of your profile. If you have an announcement, upcoming event, or simply want to promote one of your best Tweets (high responses, retweets, or favorites), you can pin it to the top of your profile. This highlights said Tweet at the top of your profile in larger text, and it will remain there until you unpin it or choose to pin a new Tweet. Twitter will also feature more popular Tweets in your feed rather than displaying them chronologically.

How will content change?
With the new layout change, Twitter has made it so visual content is more prominent, as Tweets are much more likely to be retweeted and favorited if they have an image. Viewers will also have the option to filter Tweets by content from the options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets with replies.

As with most changes, there will be some resistance; some Twitter fans are upset with the new resemblance to Facebook. However, the new layout ultimately allows for better branding of your business and gives you the opportunity to promote "special" Tweets that you want your followers to see. If you've not yet updated your profile, you can do so at


Author: Katherine Ankenbruck
Position: Director of Social Media Marketing
Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Katherine Ankenbruck attended Purdue University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science. She is passionate about social media marketing and helping our clients grow their businesses through enhanced client engagement. Katherine is experienced in using a variety of social networking strategies to increase client interaction, and she is eager to help you discover how your business can benefit from social media.

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