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A Piece to the Puzzle

Published: 05/12/2014

I'm often asked by friends, family, and prospective clients a question that I love to answer. They ask me, "If I'm ranking on the first page, why do I not have more business than I can handle?" I love this question because I get to explain that having someone manage your SEO is just part of the puzzle. Having someone on your team that specifically works on SEO is a great tool, and a tool you SHOULD have, but it takes many tools to build a house.

You already have a website, and it's ranking well, but why are you not getting your desired effect? Like I mentioned above, ranking well isn't the only factor in the grand scheme of acquiring new clients. We need to make sure that your website is optimized first and foremost for users, not search engines. Looking at your website as objectively as possible, you need to ask yourself, "Would I use my website?" If your answer is yes, get a new eye to look at it, and ask them to be honest.

Your call to action needs to be loud and clear. If you want website visitors to call your office, that needs to be stated on your website. If you want them to submit an online submission form, that needs to be said.

Your site needs to be responsive. A common prediction is that mobile searches will surpass desktop searches by 2016 if the current upward trend continues; having a responsive website is absolutely paramount to your success as a business.

Being active on all social media outlets is a big tool that, when used effectively, can yield huge results. Spending money on advertising and making sure your profiles are constantly updated with new photos and posts is a guaranteed way to get your brand in front of new audiences.

Overall, SEO is an important piece to the puzzle, but it's not all that matters. We're excited that you're either part of the Business Promotion family or considering joining us. We'll deliver all that we can to make sure your site is at its peak of performance.

Author: Nicholas Bradshaw
Position: SEO Account Manager
Nicholas Bradshaw is an SEO Account Manager and specialist in corporate social media. He is currently studying economics at Utah Valley University, with plans to obtain his JD/MBA. You can reach Nicholas by tweeting him @nickybde.

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