What to Expect with the New Changes to Facebook

Published: 04/14/2014

Maybe you've noticed your Facebook Page layout has recently changed. As of March, Facebook launched a new Page layout with many changes. So what does this mean for your Page and your brand?
The good news is that the new layout makes it easier for your audience to navigate their way around your Page. The entire left column of the Page is all about your brand - from reviews and maps to business information and more. The entire right column is solely for your status updates, so viewers can easily see what you've been posting. Not only can viewers now easily navigate business Pages, but if a person is viewing your Page and they have not yet Liked it, Facebook has introduced a floating "Like strip" that floats with the viewer as they scroll and encourages them to Like the Page.

However, Facebook recently made another change that can make it more difficult for your business to reach your audience. Roughly 65% of user time on Facebook is spent browsing the News Feed, and only about 2% of viewers ever make it to your Facebook Page itself, so the majority of your interaction with customers will be in the News Feed. Over the past few months, Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of Pages; even if a person has Liked a business's Page, they're less likely to see that Page content on their News Feed. This means that it is essential to maintain a constant, personalized presence on Facebook. With our Social Media Management services at Business Promotion, you have a dedicated Social Media concierge who will provide you with one-on-one guidance to reach the largest number of potential and current clients. We even post and respond on Facebook for your business multiple times per week. High-quality posts and engagement help ensure that you show up organically in your clients' News Feeds.

The recent changes from Facebook make it easier for viewers to navigate your Page, while also making your continual activity on Facebook more and more of a necessity. To learn more about Facebook and the importance of social media, contact our Social Media Team at sm@bpihelpdesk.com.


Author: Katherine Ankenbruck
Position: Director of Social Media Marketing
Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Katherine Ankenbruck attended Purdue University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science. She is passionate about social media marketing and helping our clients grow their businesses through enhanced client engagement. Katherine is experienced in using a variety of social networking strategies to increase client interaction, and she is eager to help you discover how your business can benefit from social media.

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