Facebook and Blogging - March (Week 4)

Published: 03/28/2014

Need a little help when it comes to blogging and Facebooking? Business Promotion is here for you! Here are some ideas to inspire your next blog post or Facebook post:


  • April is Stress Awareness Month. Write a blog post on how excessive stress can impact your oral and overall health. Be sure to include a few tips on how to deal with stress!
  • With spring starting, more people are going to be involved with sports and other recreational activities. Now is the perfect time to remind your readers how important it is to wear a sports guard! Include the benefits of a sports guard and how it can help to protect their smiles!


  • Are you playing an April Fool's joke on your Facebook followers? Now's the time to do it!
  • Tell dentist-related jokes on your Facebook! For example: What is red and bad for your teeth? Answer: a brick!
  • How is your bracket doing in Basketball Madness this month? Keep your followers updated and ask them how theirs are going. You may want to offer a free toothbrush or other small prize for the person whose bracket does best!


Now go out there and post! If you have any questions about setting up your Facebook page or your blog, contact Business Promotion today by emailing seo@bpihelpdesk.com.

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