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Published: 03/17/2014

Business Promotion CMS

Here at Business Promotion, we generally use the WordPress content management system (CMS) as a framework for building client websites. Rather than build each page of the website individually, we use WordPress to dynamically combine theme elements (such as the background, menus, etc., that are the same across multiple pages) with the content (text and images unique to a particular page).
WordPress is probably the most popular CMS program in the world, but we didn't choose it because of popularity. We chose it because:

  • WordPress has a highly flexible theme system that allows our developers to make a working site based on the mockups created by our graphic designers.

  • WordPress has a powerful plug-in system that allows our developers to create custom functionality for our clients, or to choose from thousands of already existing plug-ins that provide a wide variety of extensions to a basic WordPress installation.

  • WordPress has a user interface that allows people who don't know anything about website coding to make simple changes on the website.

Reasons 1 and 2 are important to us as website developers, while reason number 3 is important for our clients. While we here at Business Promotion are always happy to make website changes for our clients, some people like the ability to log into their websites and make minor changes to the content themselves. WordPress is easy enough to use that pretty much anyone who has used a word processor can instantly understand what to do.

Author: Eric Stone
Position: Senior Web Developer
Eric Stone has been working in website development since 1999, and has been with Business Promotion since 2009.
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