Balancing Form and Function

Published: 03/07/2018

A major problem we see in Web design is that there is not enough balance between form and function. Many designers have long believed that the form should follow its function, meaning, that the look or design should be largely based on its function or what it does. What if the form is a primary foundation of our Web design pyramid, while function is the other?

Function without form would be boring; it would not stimulate as many senses as it does when form and function are balanced well. Sure, the product functions, but it's boring to look at, touch, hold or even drive.

Imagine if a person were given a choice between the following two cars to test drive, just for fun: a Geo Metro (a very efficient car, gets you from point A to point B, no problem), or the latest Audi S8 Plus (the "Plus" means Twin Turbo V8 - 605 HP, which really means super fast and super sexy.) I would wager that most people, if given the choice, would choose a product that works and performs well (and looks good doing it), over the product that merely does its job.

How does this apply to websites? There should be a clear and continuous harmony between form and function. Simply put, the look and feel of the site should be directly related to its purpose.

Deciding on the right look or form for the site requires that we clearly define or outline what the site should say and do (its function). Sadly, many websites fail to effectively communicate what the website should do, how it should function, or its primary purpose. More alarming is the case in which form and function do not merge or intersect to create that harmony or flow of images and information, which ultimately give the site its purpose.

Keep these ideas in mind when you begin mapping out your next website, so you will be on the right track when it comes balancing form and function.

We welcome you to contact Business Promotion's Design Team at 866.664.5216 if you have questions about the design of your website and how to balance form and function to create an amazing home for your business online.

Author: Jimmy Salazar
Position: Creative Director

Jimmy is the Creative Director at Business Promotion and has been with the company since 2013. He has been a professional graphic designer since 2001.

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