How Unique Images Can Get You a Higher Search Ranking

Published: 02/28/2018

Here at Business Promotion we take pride in making sure our clients' websites load fast, respond quickly and are fully optimized. Image compression and proper development techniques can help a lot with page load speeds, which can result in better search ranking, but there are a few additional things that can be done that may increase your search results.

No matter which search engine you use, Google image searches make up about one quarter of all Internet browser searches. With how big of a percentage that number is, it makes sense to optimize your images for search results. Below are a few things you can do to help your chances of showing up in Google image search.

  1. Compress all images - There are a handful of online services that provide image compression. Most are simple to use, and you only have to drag and drop the image or upload it through a compressor. This is one of the simplest ways of making images the smallest file size possible. My personal favorite service is, but there are many image compression services you can use.
  1. Make sure all images are high resolution - Even though you need to compress your images for the smallest file size, you don't have to sacrifice quality to do so. Make sure your images look the best they can at a compressed file size.
  1. Avoid stock images, if possible - Stock images are great! They provide you with high quality, high-resolution images that can be hard to produce by yourself. Although this can make your site look amazing, the use of unique images can really help image ranking, especially if your image is a popular photo that comes up in an image search. If you or a friend of yours has taken great-looking photos, you may want to consider using them on your website, rather than resorting to stock images.
  1. Image names - By giving your images descriptive names, you can help the search engines find your photo much more easily.
  1. Alt tags - Alt tags are an HTML meta tag that can help those who use specific software for the visually impaired. You can use this metadata to help your images show up in the core search for your image.
  1. Image title tags - The title tag is another meta tag that provides a description of the image. These are most recognized by the small description that you see when you hover over an image.

If you have questions about how unique images can get you a higher search ranking, give our team at Business Promotion a call at 866.664.5216. Our team of Web developers and custom graphics designers will be happy to provide you with more information and help you find, edit or create unique images for your website.

Author: Austin Pratt
Position: Front End Developer

Austin is Front End Developer at Business Promotion and has been with the company since 2016. He has been a professional graphic designer since 2007 and Web developer since 2008.

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