How is Social Media Related to SEO?

Published: 03/03/2014
"Why do I need to update my social media profiles? How does that help my search engine rankings?" As an SEO manager, I am often asked these questions. Long story made short, you can think of social media as free advertising. With social media, you have a chance to interact with people from all walks of life that are within your community looking for a service that you provide. When people start referencing your name in their posts or making comments on your photos or blog, your name will begin to come up more and more frequently on social media. We designed our websites to tie your social media links directly back to your website, and it all relates.

In a webinar I viewed through Moz (@Moz), the presenter said, "If you're killing it on social, you're killing it in search." The reasoning behind this is that social media provides more natural links to your website and your practice. The more you're talked about and have a buzz about your business on social media, the more business you're sure to enjoy.

Regularly updating your social media profiles provides you with the opportunity to prove to Google that you're active and not just a stagnant website. You're updating your content and presenting yourself as something that is fresh, not just once, but multiple times throughout the month. If you're hesitant to try being active on social media or don't understand the benefit from a marketing perspective, please reach out to us at Our SEO marketing team is happy to help!

Author: Nicholas Bradshaw
Position: Director of Search Marketing
Nicholas Bradshaw, the Director of Search Marketing at Business Promotion, is a specialist in corporate social media and search marketing. He is currently studying economics at Utah Valley University, with plans to obtain his JD/MBA. You can reach Nicholas by tweeting him @nickybde.

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