Spice Up Your Writing: Some Seasoned Advice

Published: 12/20/2017

Sit for a moment, and think back on the most delicious meal you had this year. Was it a fresh summer salad, bursting with color and the zing of a strawberry vinaigrette? Was it a thick cut, sizzling pepper steak? A spicy yellow curry over steaming jasmine rice? Whatever the meal, it was packed with incredible flavor.

As a great chef knows how to use seasonings and flavors to craft a delicious meal, so a good writer knows how to use certain tools to create memorable, engaging content. Let’s look at some tools of the trades and how they relate.

Salt and Grammar: Salt acts as a seasoning and is necessary to nearly every recipe. When added during cooking, it is nearly invisible, serving to boost the other flavors in the meal. In a similar fashion, excellent grammar brings clarity and understanding to the reader, supporting your ideas by making them easier to understand. After you are finished writing, "taste," your copy and edit as needed.

Aromatics and Depth: In cooking, there is a set of ingredients called "aromatics." The set usually consists of some combination of vegetables and herbs added to a dish — onions and garlic, for example. Aromatics add depth of flavor. Bring that same idea of depth to your content by diving a little deeper! Ask yourself, "What makes this content relevant, thorough, specific and useful to my readers?" The answers to these questions will set your content apart, helping you stand out in a crowd.

Spices and Flair: Spices can take an otherwise bland dish and make it exceptional. A chef uses spices to add her or his own flair to a dish, creating a comforting homestyle meal or an exotic adventure of tastes. Do the same to your content and bring your own flair to your writing! Add personality and voice — let them know that there is a person behind the words on the page. A little pizzazz can go a long way toward making your content memorable and appealing to your readers.

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