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Published: 12/12/2017

At Business Promotion, we work hard to stay on the leading edge of website development and SEO marketing. We want to give you a website that is up-to-date in every sense, from the content on the homepage to the software in the back end. We stay on top of each update, and share them with you whenever possible so that you will always know what is happening with your website. Here is one of the recent updates in website development:

Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of the popular open source Web publishing software, WordPress, is moving away from Facebook's React Java Script library, due to concerns about a patent clause in Facebook's open source licenses. Mullenweg explained the need to change in a recent blog post. He wrote, "The Facebook BSD+Patents license includes a specification of a PATENTS file that passes along risk to downstream consumers of our software imbalanced in favor of the licensor, not the licensee, thereby violating our Apache legal policy of being a universal donor. The terms of Facebook BSD+Patents license are not a subset of those found in the ALv2, and they cannot be sublicensed as ALv2."

Last month Facebook responded to the ASF decision by saying it had "become a larger target for meritless patent litigation." Facebook also said the following:

"We decided to add a clear patent grant when we release software under the three-clause BSD license, creating what has come to be known as the BSD+Patents license. The patent grant says that if you're going to use the software we've released under it, you lose the patent license from us if you sue us for patent infringement. We believe that if this license were widely adopted, it could actually reduce meritless litigation for all adopters, and we want to work with others to explore this possibility. We respect third party IP, including patents, and expect others to respect our IP, too. The BSD+Patents license just intends to give our teams more room to make meaningful contributions to open source while decreasing our time spent fighting frivolous lawsuits."

Mullenweg claims his concerns have not been assuaged, and he writes that he cannot, in good conscience, require users of the very widely used open source WordPress software to inherit the patent clause and associated legal risk. So, he's made the decision to ditch React.

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Author: Parker Maughan

Position: Front End Developers

Parker has six years of experience as a Web developer and has worked for Business Promotion since 2015. He and his wife have one child.

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