A New Kind of Marketing for the Information Age

Published: 12/07/2017

When you think of the phrase "sales person," what word associations are brought to mind? Do those words include money-hungry, desperate, sly or something of the like? If so, you're not alone. Sales people sometimes have this kind of reputation.

Years ago when I was selling sunglasses at a retail store, I came across a lovely book called, "To Sell Is Human," by Daniel H. Pink. The author described a new kind of marketing - one based not on pressure or trickery, but on transparency, information and service. It changed the way I sold sunglasses, and even now, as time has passed, the book continues to leave its mark.

So, let's talk about this new way of marketing. CarMax is a good example. As you probably know, people who sell cars are often associated with pressuring their customers. But CarMax defied this stereotype by providing customers with in-store computers where they can do Internet research.

Today CarMax employees encourage prospective buyers to look up transparent and complete information on the CarMax website. Their sales people give customers print-outs with all the details and history of the cars they purchase. CarMax was a pioneer in establishing a relationship of trust with their customers, and as a result, the company's sales multiplied. In a competitive market, CarMax continues to thrive.

You might be reluctant to tell your customers all the details of your product for fear that they will see the flaws. The truth is that no product is perfect. If you're seeing a lack of trust in your customers, the best thing to do may be to work on your transparency. That includes what you put on your website. Don't be afraid to offer them honest information. Transparency shows that you care about their well-being more than the bottom line. And the wonderful thing about that is the more you show how much you genuinely care, the more your business has a chance to grow.

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