SEO Basics

Published: 12/01/2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the means of influencing the online visibility of a website or a webpage in a web search engine's organic results. Each search engine uses an algorithm to determine where your website ranks. So, if a search engine ranks your website on page one or page 100 it is entirely dependent on that search engine's algorithm. SEO attempts to understand what the search engines reward and what they penalize.

According to, 88% of all internet searches in North America are done on Google; 5% are done on Bing, and 4% are done on Yahoo!.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

Each search engine has a proprietary algorithm which values SEO variables differently. Here are a few SEO basics that will help your website get more traffic, no matter which search engine is being used:

Center your website on one theme. You can include ancillary content, but try to focus your website about a primary topic. For example, if you are a dentist, you can have webpages that talk about different dental procedures and staff, but make sure that each page has dental related content.

Optimize load speed. Remove anything that slows down your website e.g. large images, unnecessary plugins, flash graphics.

Optimize your images with keywords. Search engines can't read what an image is about, nor can they read text inside of images. So, add alt-tags to explain to the search engine what the image is about and use keywords in the description.

Optimize keywords. Use keywords that are relevant for your website. For local SEO, you can use tools to determine which keywords for your product or service are most commonly used in your geographical area. Include these keywords in your on-page content and if you're on a WordPress website you can change a lot of this in an SEO plugin like All in One SEO Pack or Yoast.

Add new content frequently. An easy way to add new content to your website is on a blog. Sites with dynamic content tend to get more traffic and rank better than sites that don't change.

If you have questions about SEO, please contact Business Promotion's Performance team at 866.664.5216. We will be happy to help you improve the performance of your website.

Author: Spencer Connelly
Position: Performance Manager
Spencer has worked with Business Promotion since 2012. He is passionate about marketing our clients online. Fortunately, as he works in SEO, he has an endless amount of information at his disposal to do the best for his clients. Spencer is a graduate of Brigham Young University and speaks 2.33 languages.

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