Building Your Online Presence Through the Facebook Community

Published: 10/23/2017

Your new Facebook page is sitting in front of you, representing your practice and ready to be posted on. It may have been a while since you've last posted, and you may be thinking to yourself, "What now?" You may have a few likes already from friends and loyal customers, but how do you get more? It's not as difficult as it seems, and it all starts in the office.

The most pressing question is how your current and potential clients will find you on Facebook. If you don't talk about your Facebook page in person, then no one will know about it. If you mention your Facebook page when clients are at your physical location, you are bound to get more likes simply because people know about your page while your practice is fresh on their mind.

You can also build your page up by making posts about the office. A huge benefit of using Facebook is the ability to show your personal connection to your community. You can show that you are real people behind the brand, and love to have fun with your company's social media presence. This establishes the feeling of personal connection, in a professional manner.

As with everything that is new, it will take time and effort to build your Facebook following. While it does take time, it is very worth it to build your online presence, one post at a time. In an increasingly digital world, potential customers are turning to social media to identify the brands that will meet their consumerist needs, and a strong online presence allows you to tap into this unmitigated resource of new clientele.

For more information about building your presence on Facebook, feel free to contact our social media team here at Business Promotion by emailing us at or contacting our office at 866.664.5216. We look forward to helping you generate new business for your company through your Facebook persona!

Author: Alyse Harisay

Position: Social Media Manager

Alyse Harisay is a Social Media Manager at Business Promotion. With experience in SEO and internet marketing, she found her niche with social media. She believes that the best ways to grow your business behind the scenes are through client engagement and using social media as a tool to accomplish that. In her spare time, Alyse enjoys baking, making jewelry, and spending time in nature.

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