Google My Business: The Next Step in Online Marketing

Published: 10/16/2017

Do you want your website to be found on Google? If so, a great place to start is with Google My Business, a free tool that uses Google Search and Google Maps to help manage your business online.

Google My Business allows you to verify with Google that you are a legitimate business. Once you verify ownership, you can manage all of your online business information (e.g. name of business, address, phone numbers, website address, photos of the business, hours of operation, etc.)

Research has shown that businesses who optimize their online business information are regarded to be more trustworthy. In fact, business who verify their Google My Business account are twice as likely to be considered "reputable."

Google My Business helps you to interact with your customers. You can read Google reviews of your business and respond to the reviews. This is a great way to give thanks to appreciative customers. If needed, you may try to make amends with a disgruntled customer.

GMB also allows you to post photos to your business. Businesses that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that do not. People surfing the web enjoy looking at photos of the business, and our clients often find it to be an excellent way to engage with customers and potential customers. We recommend that you have 10 or more photos on your GMB account. We have seen several clients improve in their SERP ranking by adding photos to GMB. (Note, GMB tracks the quantity of photos and the number of photo views.)

Google My Business provides insights on your online presence; this helps you expand your online presence. GMB shows that people are coming to your website by typing in your URL or doing a search for a service, product, or category. It differentiates between people who find your listing on Google Search versus Google Maps. GMB shows how many people click on the link to your website, click on directions to your business, or click to your business. With this data you can choose how to market your online presence accordingly.

Business Promotion helps our clients verify and manage their business on GMB, and we are happy to help you take the next step in online marketing with Google My Business. Give us a call at 866.664.5216 to get started.

Author: Spencer Connelly

Position: Performance Manager

Spencer has worked with Business Promotion since 2012. He is passionate about marketing our clients online. Fortunately, as he works in SEO, he has an endless amount of information at his disposal to do the best for his clients. Spencer is a graduate of Brigham Young University and speaks 2.33 languages.

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