Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Published: 10/09/2017

Your practice doesn't want marketing. Your practice wants growth and revenue. It needs marketing to get growth and revenue.

This sounds like a Dr. Seuss quote for business owners, but it's the truth. If more patients than you could handle were finding you organically, then you wouldn't need marketing. Unfortunately, potential patients are being pulled in every direction by marketing. As a result, you don't just need good marketing, you need great marketing. You need to captivate your audience. You need to tell a story.

Facts tell, but stories sell.

Telling a story allows you to make people feel a certain way, and one of the most effective mediums for storytelling is video. With video, you can draw on so many elements to tell a story and evoke emotion: lighting, color, music, pacing, energy, etc. If your story is that your practice is fun and energetic, we can produce a video that reflects that through elements like faster edits and fun music. If your story is that your practice is comfortable, welcoming, and knowledgeable, we can produce a video with comforting music and a calm pacing.

What is the story that your practice wants to tell?

It's not always easy to decide on the story you want to tell in your branding and marketing. Here are some questions to help you dig deeper and find the story that reflects your goals:

- What are your practice's core values?

- What is the problem your practice is solving?

- What makes your practice unique?

- What services or procedures do you want to focus on most? What is the demographic that most frequently needs those services or procedures?

- What do you say when someone asks if they should come to your practice?

Your story is going to be told through your brand either way. Be intentional. Tell the story that you want told through effective marketing, and you will reach the audience that's looking for exactly what you have to offer. Your practice doesn't want marketing, your practice wants growth and revenue. If you hit a snag in your storytelling, contact Business Promotion at 866.664.5216 and we will help you project your message to the worldwide web.

Author: Bryson Southworth

Position: Video Editor

Bryson Southworth first fell in love with video production in high school over a decade ago. He has worked in many capacities in the corporate video production industry and is now heavily involved in graphic design and motion graphics as well. Bryson believes visual story telling adds credibility, strengthens market presence, and provides the opportunity to stand out in any industry.

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