The Art of Choosing a Typeface

Published: 02/24/2014

Designers are often fueled by caffeine only because kerning (space between letters) and font choice are keeping us up into the early morning hours. Fonts can be a clichéd joke, with the Battle of Helvetica and Comic Sans, but all kidding aside, font choice can be an important part of the branding process. Here's a quick rundown of choosing the perfect typeface for your logo.

Often during a logo consultation, we will ask if you are looking for a "Classic," "Traditional," "Modern," "Trendy," "Formal," or "Casual" font style. Categorizing font styles can evoke a particular feeling or image in the mind - a scroll from old England, the cover of a book in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, or the front of a child's birthday card. These can all help solidify the perfect identity and building block of your logo.

If you are aiming for a logo based on just a typeface, this is a great start. From the font choice, the designer can move on to color and manipulating the texts to interact with each other. Breaking the rules of typeface during logo creation assures a unique logo exclusive to you.

There are many options for typeface when it comes to logo creation, or sometimes the typeface can be omitted altogether in favor of an icon. These are some basic tips to starting the process of choosing a logo typeface. The best step is to start noticing what logos stand out to you. What do you like or dislike about them? What would you like to incorporate into your logo?

And if you stay up at night worrying about kerning, your designer wouldn't blame you, but you can probably leave that up to him or her. We still need to worry about something besides drop shadows.

Author: Erin Johnsen
Position: Designer
Erin Johnsen started designing in her junior high yearbook class and has been obsessed with fonts and layout ever since. She went into the digital media field because she felt it was the perfect marriage of right- and left-brain creativity and logic. Her favorite hobbies include photography, roller derby, and being a connoisseur of all things creative. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in digital media with an emphasis in internet technologies from Utah Valley University. She lives in Lehi, Utah with her husband and two children.

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