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Published: 02/03/2014

As the voices around the office grow louder on Friday afternoon, signaling the break of the weekend, I look back on everything I've learned from the past two weeks about SEO and SEM.

It's the 21st century and human beings only want the best. In a society where people are obsessed with the best - best cars, best bodies, best-looking houses, highest-paying jobs, highest-quality television - it only makes sense that they would want to be the best website on the internet. Are people in the wrong for wanting the best? Absolutely not.

There comes a time in your quest to reach the front page on Google when you need to look at the content on your website and see if it really IS the best. Google's newest algorithm, Hummingbird, has taught me one thing: quality matters. When it comes to the content on your blog, or on your social media, be real and engaging. Don't just use an automated syndicator that pushes content on your company's outlets “x” number of times a day. Be present on them; write engaging articles and interesting content that provokes thought and action. Become an industry leader and not just an industry follower. If you follow that guideline, I truly believe your website will be successful in any industry.


Author: Nicholas Bradshaw
Position: SEO Account Manager
Nicholas Bradshaw is an SEO Account Manager and specialist in corporate social media. He is currently studying economics at Utah Valley University, with plans to obtain his JD/MBA. You can reach Nicholas by tweeting him @nickybde.

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