Engaging Clients through Social Media

Published: 01/14/2014

From the start of social media, beginning with sites like SixDegrees.com and Friendster, the entire interface of communication was transformed. With a foundation of interacting with friends, social media has been built into an entity that drives social interaction, networking, and business marketing.

With abundant potential, social media has grown into an essential marketing tool for businesses. With websites like Foursquare and Facebook, businesses are able to reach their customers in this new unique way; they can reach out to them as a "friend." So how can your business benefit from social media? The potential in social media marketing is that it can be more engaging, more personal, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

With social media engagement, the customer is no longer simply a viewer in your marketing scheme. They are now a participant and can actively engage with your business through comments, posts, tweets, and reviews. Not only do they have these options to interact with your business directly, but they also have the choice to propel your brand through sharing your content, re–tweeting your content, and checking in at your locations.

No longer do customers need to call in to speak with drone customer service representatives, wait on hold, and navigate their way through automated systems. Customers now have the option to simply post to your social media pages and wait for a reply. As a business, this gives you the opportunity to have more personal interaction with customers directly from the business account rather than some monotonous customer service representative. Customers feel validated that the business replied to them directly and your business gets free advertising on those customers’ Facebook/Twitter/Google+ feeds.

Customer Relationship Building
Through engagement and personalization, your business will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with customers. With the opportunity to remedy any bad reviews, address feedback directly, and encourage customer engagement through branded content, you will be able to build strong relationships with your customer base.

Social media shows no signs of being a declining trend, and social media marketing careers are on the incline. Companies are recognizing the marketing potential and the opportunities to form lasting relationships with your customers. By engaging your customers and reaching them on a more personal level, you’ll have vast opportunities to create brand loyalty.

Author: Katherine Ankenbruck
Position: Director of Social Media Marketing
Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Katherine Ankenbruck attended Purdue University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She is passionate about social media marketing and helping our clients grow their businesses through enhanced client engagement. Katherine is experienced in using a variety of social networking strategies to increase client interaction, and she is eager to help you discover how your business can benefit from social media.

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