Developing the Future

Published: 01/21/2014

Technology has been changing at a rapid pace. More people get their news from the internet than from television or from newspapers. Traditional advertising outlets, like television and radio commercials, have found it more difficult to influence their target audiences, while social media has made it easier than ever for businesses to contact people who care about their products. The landscape of business is always changing, and because of the growing rate of technology, it seems to change almost daily.

One of the goals of almost every business is to do more with less – more productivity with lower production costs, and more marketing with less spending. Software development has played a crucial role in realizing this goal. I work each day as a software developer at Business Promotion, programming systems and pieces of technology that change the way businesses interact with their customers. Software development really breaks down to organizing and structuring data to make it more accessible.

Today is one of the most exciting times to be a developer, with more people using smartphones, tablets, and connected devices; as developers, we are given the ability to write software that can engage more users than ever before. Social media has changed the way that people interact and the way that businesses operate. It has truly become the new digital frontier, and it is still being pioneered. The ideas and programs that are being coded today are paving the way for the content that will be the standard of future data interaction.

Author: Chris Durfee
Position: Developer
Chris Durfee attended Utah Valley University and has been working in development for 6 years. He believes that now is an exhilarating time to work in development as we are always developing new software to engage more users than ever before. Chris is one of our leading developers and has worked on exciting projects like the Business Promotion Appointment Reminder System and our new corporate website, which can be found at

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