Know Your Audience

Published: 02/15/2016

Today I want to talk to you about knowing the audience for your website, but I want to make it easier for you to understand why this is important. Let's say that your website is a car. You want all of your friends to come check out your car, tell you how cool the car is, and take a ride in your car. To do this, you need to know what all of your friends look for in a cool car. You see that your friend has a list of characteristics that a car needs to be considered cool and for your friend to want to take a fun ride in the car. Let's say your friend's list includes the following items:

  1. The car needs to be FAST. No one like to sit around, waiting for the car to finally get to speed. The same idea applies with a website; your audience and Google will rank your site based on its speed and the time required to load all of the information.
  2. The car has to have a great stance. Stance is not just the look of the car - it's like the look you can't see. For your website, this would include having all of the right tags on your site, the keywords that are in the metadata, and the alt info behind all of the images on the site. This would also include all of content of the website, even though you do not always read through every page. While a website visitor won't necessarily see all of these parts, these factors are key in getting the right audience to the site.
  3. The design of the car looks cool right away - the kind of design that makes your friends do double and even triple takes. You need something that is going to turn heads. This level of design keeps your audience coming back to your site. Everyone likes to look at beautiful things, so if your website is beautiful, you have a better chance of getting your audience to come back over and over again for a ride.

All of these factors are important in increasing website traffic and expanding your website's audience.

Here at Business Promotion, we build the coolest, fastest head-turning cars (but these cars are custom websites). Everyone will be coming to you for a ride along. Call in and talk to us here, and we will make your site as cool as the Fenyr Supersport.

Author: Taylor Williams
Position: Performance Manager
Taylor Williams is a husband, dad, full-time employee, and automobile enthusiast. He and his wife have one little boy right now who is about one year old. Taylor finds it amazing to see how big his son has grown and how smart he is. Taylor is the Performance Manager here at Business Promotion, and he feels it is the best job he has ever had. He loves seeing our clients' progress and success.

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