How to Be a Prolific Content Generator for Your Business

Published: 02/05/2016

If your employer has commissioned you to be the content generator for your company, it can feel like a lot of pressure. Prolific writing (or social media posting) comes more naturally for some people than it does for others. But here are a couple of valuable recommendations for helping you to write with the ferocity of a corporate content generator!


Make Long-Term Plans - Some blog writers really struggle with the incessant, unquenchable appetite of the great content machine! It seems like as soon as you get a blog posted, it's time to post another one again.

In the past, we've recommended keeping a notebook for collecting ideas for any time something pops into your head. But what if you're not a prolific idea-generator?

One strategy that you may find helpful for staving off writer's block is to plan out a long-term blog series. We have also written about the perks of writing ongoing blog series, but I'm not speaking of a mere seven-part series; I'm suggesting a seven-month series!

Don't worry - you don't have to come up with 28 blog topics on the spot. You only need to come up with seven.

For instance, Business Promotion is an internet marketing company, so I might plan out seven months of blogs on these topics:

January 2016 = write about Twitter

February 2016 = write about corporate blogging

March 2016 = write about Google Plus

April 2016 = write about search engine optimization

May 2016 = write about content marketing

June 2016 = write about Facebook

July 2016 = write about visual media marketing

So, you plan out your seven big umbrella topics for the next several months. (By the way, there's no reason I've picked seven months over any other number; I've just selected a number for this example.)

Let's say you're required to write a weekly corporate blog (just like this knowledgebase blog assignment of mine). So, it's February 2016 now. Let's say our weekly corporate blog publishes on Fridays. There are four Fridays in February of 2016, so I will simply look at my overarching, umbrella topic, which is "corporate blogging." Then I will decide on four topics that fall under the topical umbrella "corporate blogging." Like this:

February 2016 umbrella topic: Corporate Blogging

February 5 = Top 10 Tips for Corporate Blog Writing

February 12 = How to Respond to Your Company's Critics Through Its Blog

February 19 = Blogging for Business: What Every Writer Should Know

February 26 = Top 5 Mistakes That Corporate Bloggers Always Make

Believe it or not, it's actually quite easy to devise four subjects to write about that fall beneath the umbrella topic for the month. By using this method, you can be just as prolific as any of your competitors. Try it! It works!


Great Writers Steal - T.S. Eliot once said, "Good writers borrow; great writers steal." Naturally, we're not condoning or encouraging plagiarism. But when it comes to social media marketing, it can be very beneficial to observe what other businesses are doing and apply these "observances" with your own personalized twist.

When it comes to generating tweets or Facebook posts for your social media campaigns, it can be extremely difficult to conjure so much content. But if you watch those in your field and even businesses in unrelated fields, you will find a lot of great ideas for your own posts. Happy "re-purposing"!

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