Preparing the Expectations of Your Clients

Published: 01/22/2016

Taking care of your clientele is sometimes similar to taking care of children. There are a few interesting parallels, but in this knowledgebase article, we're going to focus on the paramount principle of preparing expectations.

Like all parents, I worry about my failings in fatherhood, but one thing I believe my wife and I do well with our children is properly preparing their expectations. We'll use this theme below to help you with your corporate blogging and social media campaigns.

Whether it's the first day of school or a flu shot, if children have an idea of what to expect, then they aren't going to be surprised by what happens (or what doesn't happen). The same applies to customer experience.

Unhappy customers are the unfortunate result of a company providing an experience that falls below the customers' expectations. What you need to be aware of is that sometimes customers tend to have unrealistic expectations. So, if you're able to paint a picture through your blog writing of what to expect, then your customer will have a more accurate, more realistic sense of how the experience might be.

For instance, one of Business Promotion's dental group clients has a staff member who is undergoing the Invisalign® orthodontic treatment - a service that the dental group provides for its other patients, as well. Therefore, to prepare the expectations of their clients, this staff member began blogging about her experience with the treatment, thereby letting other patients know exactly what to expect.

Obviously, we're not advising you to write anything negative or derogatory about your business. Just be careful not to oversell some aspect of your services that might merely be satisfactory. Remember, it's wise to under-promise and over-deliver so you can have a chance to not just meet your clients' expectations - you can exceed them! Yes, it's a bit of a fine line, but if you're simply honest with your customers, then you'll always represent your company well.

Perhaps the best way to prepare your clients' expectations is through the feedback of their peers. Collect comments and feedback from your customers, and then quote them on social media and invite them to follow suit. An online community thrills to hear or read its own "voice" breaking through and resonating with the other community members. This method helps to establish expectations, and it also generates a little buzz about your business.

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