What is Hummingbird?

Published: 10/31/2013

You may have read about Hummingbird online recently. You may have wondered what exactly Hummingbird is or, more importantly, how it might affect you and your business. Hummingbird is the name of Google’s new search algorithm, and it’s designed to bring you the most relevant results in your online searches. A search algorithm is the system that search engines like Google uses to sort through billions of websites to find the best answers to your search queries. Hummingbird is the biggest change Google has made to their search algorithm in years.

One of the major adjustments that comes with Hummingbird is the shift to "conversational search," which caters more to voice searches. As more people use mobile devices to perform searches, voice searches are becoming more common. Conversational search increases the emphasis on the meaning of the search question as whole, taking into account context rather than focusing solely on individual keywords.

So what does the shift to Hummingbird mean to YOU? First, it means that advanced SEO (search engine optimization) and custom content are more important than ever before to ensure that your website doesn’t fall behind in optimization. Conversational search favors custom content that is truly relevant to the search questions. Second, it is important to realize that keyword optimization is not irrelevant with Hummingbird. Keyword use is still a component of search engine rankings. Third, the changes in Hummingbird underscore the continually growing prevalence of mobile searches. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use so that visitors to your website have an excellent experience, whether they are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

At Business Promotion, we offer advanced SEO services, custom content writing, and responsive web design to ensure that your website excels with Hummingbird. We can make certain that your website achieves the best possible results in Google and other search engines so that both existing and new patients can find your business. To learn more about Hummingbird and how we can optimize your website, contact us at seo@bpihelpdesk.com!

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