Facebook and Blogging - November (Week 2)

Published: 11/03/2013

Need a little help when it comes to blogging and Facebooking? BPI is here for you! Here are some ideas to inspire your next blog post or Facebook post:


  • Did you know that November is Men’s Cancer Awareness Month? Write a blog post about why men’s cancer awareness is important. You may want to share a story of how men’s cancer has impacted you, or help your readers realize the importance of being screened for different cancers. (Men’s cancer awareness usually focuses on prostrate and testicular cancer.)

  • You work hard, but along the way you’ve probably learned that it’s important to slow down and relax every now and then. Share some ways you de–stress and relax with your readers, such as exercising, meditating, chatting with someone who’s important in your life, or playing with pets.

  • Why do you love being a dentist? Share your passion with your followers! Give them a little background on how you got into dentistry in the first place and why you enjoy coming to work every day.


  • Are you offering a special promotion or contest for Thanksgiving? Make sure you have it ready to post on Facebook! You may want to consider offering a promotion or contest exclusively for your Facebook fans. Start planning now so you will be prepared later this month!

  • Many people enjoy posting things they are grateful for on Facebook during the month of November. Join in on this trend by posting things you are thankful for – you can stick to a dental theme or branch out. Try to post something you are thankful for every day this month!

Now go out there and post! If you have any questions about setting up your Facebook page or your blog, contact BPI today by emailing seo@bpihelpdesk.com.

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