Facebook and Blogging - December (Week 1)

Published: 12/01/2013

Need a little help when it comes to blogging and Facebooking? BPI is here for you! Here are some ideas to inspire your next blog post or Facebook post:


  • Share one of your favorite holiday recipes with your readers! If you can, include photos of how the finished product will turn out. Just for fun, tell them why this recipe is special to you – maybe your grandparents made it every year when you were young, or maybe you created this recipe with your spouse!
  • There are many foods and drinks that become especially popular during the holiday season. Write a blog post about which of the traditional holiday foods are best (or worst) for your oral health! You could write about eggnog, fruitcake, apple cider, gingerbread, turkey, hot cocoa, pies, honey–baked ham, and many others!


  • December 7 is National Cotton Candy Day. Wish your Facebook friends a happy National Cotton Candy Day, and ask them if they know what dental–related term is a common nickname for cotton candy. (Answer: fairy floss.) Remind them to floss and brush after eating their cotton candy!
  • Is your holiday special, discount, or contest ready? Make sure you have all of the details worked out so you can post your holiday special soon!
  • Is your office decorated for the holidays? Post some photos on Facebook so your followers can see how you show your holiday spirit!

Now go out there and post! If you have any questions about setting up your Facebook page or your blog, contact BPI today by emailing seo@bpihelpdesk.com.

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