Social Media Etiquette

Published: 02/23/2015

Do you say, "Excuse me," when you leave the dinner table? Do you wave or smile at people as you pass by? Are you accustomed to cleaning up after yourself if you are at someone else's residence? Well, these things are referred to as social etiquette. Most of us are well versed in this language. But did you know that there is also such a thing as Social Media Etiquette?

With social media becoming one of the biggest ways to communicate with friends, family, and even employers, there are some rules and manners that have become quite important. Each social media outlet has its own set of rules, and some even contradict those of the other networks.

For example, on Facebook it is considered impolite or obnoxious to post statuses or updates too frequently. On Twitter, however, your followers may be disappointed if you don't post enough. Additionally, if you only share photos or posts from other people on Facebook, you might be dismissed as spam. On Twitter, it is common to "re-tweet" or share others' photos and posts, which is considered absolutely acceptable. "So, how do I remember all of these rules?" you may ask. The best way to think of it is like a pyramid. At the bottom is the network that needs the most posting; at the top is the least:

As the rule goes, you can post twice as much on your personal pages as you do on your business pages. For example, if you post to your personal Twitter account two to three times a day, only post to your business account once a day. The same goes for the other platforms. Of course, you also need to be sure to keep up with your comments and reviews. If a customer comments on a post you make, you should "like" or reply to the comment within 24 hours. This rule holds true across the board.

Lastly, be sure that whatever you are posting or sharing is interesting and relevant. No one actually wants to know what you had for breakfast. Stay away from statuses that are too vague or too personal. You want to be right in the middle - your content should be relatable while also informative. Just remember to think to yourself before you hit that post button: "Would I be interested in what I am posting right now?" And if you feel that maybe you wouldn't, don't post it!


Author: Sara Crabtree
Position: Social Media Account Manager
Sara is considered the Social Media Guru here at Business Promotion. She enjoys staying current with all of the latest news/trends in the internet world and using them to implement a marketing strategy for clients. During her free time, Sara enjoys watching Netflix, reading murder mystery novels, and building her shrine to Oklahoma City basketball star Kevin Durant.

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