Movie Star Toothbrushes for Movie Star Smiles

Published: 02/20/2015

Are you reluctant to spend valuable time on your social media? Don't underestimate how effective your social media marketing can be in stimulating a little buzz, helping your business to connect with its community.

Forbes, an American business magazine, reported that the top 10 benefits of social media marketing are increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, more opportunities to convert customers, higher conversion rates, higher brand authority, increased inbound traffic, decreased marketing costs, better search engine ranking, richer customer experiences, and improved customer insights. Forbes also reminds us that our competitors are already involved in social media, so it behooves us to get into the game.

Perhaps you're inexperienced with social media marketing. Maybe you're having trouble coming up with ideas to write about. That's exactly why we're here at Business Promotion. Here are a few ideas to help you generate some posts for your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Write some content and reach out to your community this week!


  • Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best stand-up comedy routines come from mere observations about everyday life? The same is often true for blogging. Your readers will find your articles intriguing if you write about a topic that would otherwise be commonplace, until they realize they've never thought much about it before. For instance, we've all brushed our teeth every day throughout our entire lives. But have you ever wondered about the invention of the toothbrush or when tooth brushing began? How did such a practice come about? Here is an article from the Library of Congress that might help, as well as another article from The New York Times.

*Writing Tips - Remember that when you're doing research on the Internet, not every source found on the Information Super Highway is trustworthy for its accuracy. So, we'd recommend cross-referencing articles to check your facts. Obviously, if you simply copy and paste exactly what someone else has written, that's plagiarism. It is preferable to find two or three reputable sources - such as the American Dental Association or the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research - and draw from their materials, linking back to them as references.


  • Always try to ride the wave and capitalize on any trendy topics or cultural phenomena that are currently taking place. For instance, this Sunday, February 22, is the 87th Academy Awards ceremony! Therefore, you can count on the fact that this weekend, the social media landscape will be abuzz with discussion about The Oscars and all things movies, movie stars, and red carpet fashions. Use this opportunity to make festive and timely Facebook posts, like this one:

Christian Dior couture gown: $30,000
Nomination for Actress in a Leading Role: $30 million
Having all her teeth for her movie star smile: Priceless.

Protect your smile. Your big day is coming! #RedCarpet #Oscars #AcademyAwards

*** A word of caution: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has very stringent copyright and trademark laws concerning the depiction of its Award of Merit statuette (the golden "Oscar" statue). Therefore, it's best to simply refer to the ceremony more obliquely, as demonstrated above, and avoid using photos of its statuette or ceremony.


  • Frequent tweeters commonly link to their latest blog posts or Facebook posts (which is great), but you can also focus on a theme, such as toothbrushes. So, if you write an article about the history of the toothbrush, then you post tweets like these:
    • As of 2008, the most prolific toothbrush collector is Russia's Grigori Fleicher, who owns 1,320 toothbrushes. #GotToothpaste
    • Think toothbrushes are expensive? Get this: Germany's Reinast toothbrushes are made of premium titanium and cost about $4,367 each! #Wow

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