How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

Published: 02/16/2015

One of the most common questions we are asked in the SEO Marketing Department is, "How long is it going to take for our website to show up on Google?" There are several factors that contribute to this and can help with your ranking. Let's take a look a just a few of them.

  • Domain Age - One of the factors in getting your new website to rank in online searches is the age of your domain name. A domain name that has been used for hosting in the past has more trust from Google and therefore will rank higher than a new domain that has just been purchased.

  • Content Quality - Google's spiders are programmed to identify how new content is published, whether the content is original, and the quality of the content. Here at Business Promotion, every site has content that is original, customized, and optimized for SEO performance. Over time, this can lead to higher rankings on Google.

  • Market Size - The size of the market has a direct impact on how quickly you can get ranked. For instance, you will have a harder time ranking in searches if you live in Los Angeles, CA, than say, Sealy, TX. It is not impossible to rank in highly populated areas with competitive markets, but is something to take into consideration when your new website is live.

It does take some time to get good rankings on Google. While there is no official formula or timetable to get your website ranked, we typically see results in about 3-6 months. Our team at Business Promotion routinely checks our websites to ensure that we stay up to date with the ever-changing trends of Google.


Author: Eric Nelson
Position: SEO Account Manager
Eric Nelson is an SEO Account Manager at Business Promotion. He is currently studying at BYU-Idaho and plans to major in business management.

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