Facebook and Blogging - February (Week 2)

Published: 02/13/2015

Writing blog articles and maintaining your social media presence is a great way to reach out and connect with the community that you've built around your business. Sometimes it's tough to come up with new content, so that's why you have your friends here at Business Promotion. Below we've provided a few ideas to spark your writer's muse this week for your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Happy writing!


  • We hope you haven't forgotten that this Saturday is Valentine's Day! While many people dismiss such holidays as a marketer's invention, many other people still enjoy celebrating it (or being celebrated). You could write an interesting Valentine's-related post with a brief history of the holiday. Next proceed into some statistics about how much chocolate is purchased and consumed, and let those tidbits serve as a perfect transition into protecting your sweetheart's teeth against tooth decay!

  • Speaking of made-up traditions, have you ever researched the history of the Tooth Fairy? You could write a whimsical little article about the Tooth Fairy that your readers will enjoy. By the way, there's a neat little children's book - perhaps a new addition for your waiting room - called Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions From Around the World, by Selby Beeler. You could use a fascinating little resource like this to discuss the various beliefs and traditions from around the world.


  • Sometimes it's fun to invite your community members to share their opinions. Perhaps you could pose a question on your Facebook page, such as: "Which kind of toothbrush do you prefer - conventional or electric?" And perhaps you could have your dental staff kick off the feedback by weighing in themselves and engaging with the community. And naturally, you probably have wise insights about the differences between the types of toothbrushes, so this could be another good idea for a blog article. And if you get a lot of feedback on your poll question, you can report the results of your patients like this: Conventional = 52 percent. Electric = 48 percent.

  • You're probably already aware of this, but just in case... When you write a blog about Valentine's Day or the Tooth Fairy, that article will serve as an excellent Facebook post! All you have to do is paste the URL of your article in the Facebook posting field, and it will populate what you've written. Then you simply erase that URL (which is more of that unwritten Facebook protocol), because your article and its artwork will still remain on the page. Finally, you just write a brief teaser about the article, like this:  "Ever wondered where the Tooth Fairy came from?" It's that simple!


  • Perhaps you're new to Twitter. If you'd like to tweet your blog article (like we've described above for Facebook), here are the steps:
    • Copy the blog article URL address.
    • Go to a free link-shortening site, like Bitly.com, and shorten your link.
    • Log in to your Twitter account and write a short teaser tweet, linking your article like this: Why does the Tooth Fairy trade money for teeth? (shortened link here)

If you have questions about setting up your Facebook page, Twitter, or your blog, please contact Business Promotion today by e-mailing seo@bpihelpdesk.com.

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