Facebook and Blogging - February (Week 1)

Published: 02/06/2015
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If you'd like some assistance with your blogging and social media this week, Business Promotion can help. Below are a few ideas to support your efforts in cultivating the social media wizardry of your business! It's fun, and your patients will enjoy hearing from you.


  • The Big Game has come, but it has not yet gone! News outlets and social media sites are still abuzz with all sorts of Monday morning quarterbacking about this cultural zeitgeist. You can read everything from pure elation to conspiracy theories to good old-fashioned bitterness - not to mention a surprising amount of speculation about next year's big game! Prepare your athletic patients for spring training (six months from now) and their 2015 season by capitalizing on all the excitement: Write a blog about mouth guards and dental injuries in contact sports and recreational activities. By the way, sometimes it's fun to sneak in a little subtle commentary about your feelings on the big game. (Just be sure you don't get sacked for using any of the NFL's copyrighted imagery, because its legal department is an all-seeing watchdog that bites.)
  • Groundhog Day was also earlier this week. On February 2, that varmint of a marmot, "Punxsutawney Phil" the groundhog, broke our hearts even worse than the Seattle Seahawks when he saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. For a light-hearted blog post, you could pass along some information about whistle-pigs from National Geographic or any of the fun-fact sites below. By the way, groundhogs have four large incisors that continue to grow throughout their lives, so that's a good segue if you'd like to bring your article back to teeth.


  • Sometimes all it takes to capture the attention of those who "Like" your Facebook page is to simply intrigue them. Have you ever wondered about the longest human tooth ever extracted? Guinness World Records states that the longest human tooth extracted measured 1.26 inches and was removed from Loo Hui Jing of Singapore.
  • Tooth-brushing party - Speaking of Guinness World Records, the "Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously" was about 10,800 students, who all brushed together for three minutes in Manila, Philippines. When there are small children at home, sometimes the best way to get them excited about brushing is to have a "Tooth-Brushing Party."


  • You have a wealth of helpful little tidbits or golden nuggets of wisdom that you could easily pass along to your followers through an ongoing series of tweets that will pique their interest and keep their attention on your feed. But if you can't think of any sage maxims when you log in to your Twitter account, you can easily find lists online that can be adapted into daily (or hourly) tweets. For instance, here's a sample tweet:

7 Foods That Promote a Brighter Smile: Chewing RAW CARROTS stimulates saliva production, neutralizing acids that attack enamel. #Smile

If you have questions about setting up your Facebook page, Twitter account, or blog, please contact Business Promotion today by e-mailing seo@bpihelpdesk.com. We'll be glad to help. Happy writing!

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