5 Resolutions Everyone Should Make

Published: 01/05/2015

We're in the first week of 2015 and most people are working on making and keeping some New Year's resolutions. Here are five resolutions that every person should make and strive to keep this year!

  1. Do something for your health. Whether you want to go to the gym more often, get more sleep, run a marathon, reach a more ideal weight, or cut out soda, you can do something to improve your health. Even a small change can make a big difference in your health.

  2. Be more positive. Try to look on the bright side of things and take a step back to see all of the things that are going right for you. Look for the good in others rather than focusing on their flaws and shortcomings. Complaining never fixed anything - if you need to change something, do it!

  3. Listen more. Listen to your family members, your friends, your coworkers, your clients. Take the time to make sure that they are heard and that they know they can confide in you. Sometimes this means taking a little more time with them or spending a little less time focused on your smartphone.

  4. Read more good books. Take some time to read something that makes you look at the world in a different light and expands your horizons. Choose books that interest you, but don't be afraid to branch out from your normal reading genre!

  5. Do something for your business. A small effort like updating your company's blog more often or asking for more patient reviews and testimonials can help your business tremendously. Consistent efforts really pay off over time.

Of course, you can personalize each of these to fit what you aim to accomplish in 2015. Write down your resolutions and map out how you will reach each of these goals. Happy New Year, and good luck!


Author: Caroline Larson
Position: Director of Content Management
Caroline Larson earned a bachelor's degree at Brigham Young University and a master's degree at Florida State University. As the Director of Content Management, Caroline specializes in writing, editing, and managing content that is accurate, engaging, and compelling. She is a published author with experience in writing on a variety of subjects, and she has a passion for language; in addition to English, she speaks French and Italian, as well as basic Spanish and German.

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