5 Tips for a Successful Blog

Published: 12/01/2014

Writing a blog can be a great way to increase traffic to your website and gain the interest of both potential and current clients. How can you make certain that you're getting the most out of your blog? Here are just five simple tips to help you be successful with your blog:

  1. Post regularly.

    Google and other search engines like to see that your blog is updated on a regular basis. A stagnant blog or website is not as likely to have information that is pertinent for a current search as one that is routinely updated. Decide on a schedule - such as once or twice a week - to write a new entry for your blog.

  2. Write long posts.

    Search engines like long posts. Write at least 300 words in each blog post.

  3. Think about what you write.

    Before you sit down to actually write the blog post, think about your topic and the main elements you want to discuss. It can also be helpful to make a simple outline of the points you want to hit. This ensures that your post is more cohesive and has an easy-to-follow structure. When your posts are well thought out, readers will find the content more engaging and easier to read, and they are then more likely to come back again for your next posts.

  4. Use headings.

    If your blog post is very long at all, it can get bulky and hard to follow. To make it simple for your readers, and to ensure that you keep your writing on topic, use headings to outline the main points you discuss.

  5. Include keywords.

    When you write a blog post, include some keywords pertaining to your industry or a specific service or topic you want to discuss. Generally, keywords should make up approximately 1-2% of the total word count of a blog post. Be sure to use the keywords in normal sentences - the search engines can tell when you are using keywords unnaturally just to use keywords.

Now go out and write! If you need some ideas for what to write about, check out our weekly blog post with ideas for your blog and social media.


Author: Caroline Larson
Position: Director of Content Management
Caroline Larson earned a bachelor's degree at Brigham Young University and a master's degree at Florida State University. As the Director of Content Management, Caroline specializes in writing, editing, and managing content that is accurate, engaging, and compelling. She is a published author with experience in writing on a variety of subjects, and she has a passion for language; in addition to English, she speaks French and Italian, as well as basic Spanish and German.

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