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Published: 11/10/2014

When Google first launched its very own social network in June 2011 to a world immersed in Facebook and Twitter, no one was really quite sure what to think. A few people created a page out of curiosity; some ignored the platform completely, while others predicted that it would soon be a vital component in the uprising of Business Social Media. Well, that prediction was correct. Google Plus is now the second leading social site in the world next to Facebook. If you are a business or a brand, you need a Google Plus page. You need reviews on your Google Plus page. You need that verified checkmark next to your name on your Google Plus page.

If you search for a business on Google, the first thing you will see is their website and Plus page next to their reviews and maps link. While your webpage has a small chance of ranking high on Google without a Plus page, that is all it has - a small chance. 67.5% of consumers use Google to find information. This means that Google is the most important search engine out there, and to perform well in Google searches, it is necessary to be engaged with Google's social media platform.

Now we know the importance of Google Plus, but how do we use it? Do we add friends like on Facebook? Do we retweet things we find interesting like on Twitter? What if no one follows us on Google Plus? Is it useless to have one in this case? The things that matter in Google's world are: reviews, current and correct information, and getting that information verified. It is a common misconception that you need a lot of followers on Google Plus to be successful. As long as you are a verified business with a spot on Google's map, your page is serving a purpose.

A cool function Google offers is being able to see how many people have viewed your page. Instead of turning to the number of followers to calculate how well you are doing, you can use the amount of views. Of course, you can't forget to make your page interesting and exciting. This is not necessarily a requirement, but it does help your viewers stay engaged. You can do this with photos of your business and interesting posts. To make things simple, you can just post anything you would post to your business's Facebook page to Google Plus as well (statuses, fun photos, staff photos, etc.).

The main idea of having a successful Google Plus page is to generate business. You can't generate business very easily without ranking on Google, can you? So, you have to play along with Google Plus. Given the correct tools, you can be a pro in no time. Just remember: Reviews, Information, and Verification.


Author: Sara Crabtree
Position: Social Media Account Manager
Sara is considered the Social Media Guru here at Business Promotion. She enjoys staying current with all of the latest news/trends in the internet world and using them to implement a marketing strategy for clients. During her free time, Sara enjoys watching Netflix, reading murder mystery novels, and building her shrine to Oklahoma City basketball star Kevin Durant.

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