Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Published: 11/03/2014

Search engines continue to modify what they want as far as content is concerned and what types of sites will rank higher than others. The fact that SEO has become very social media centric is one of the more dramatic changes we have seen. Keywords, meta tags, title tags, and the amount of content on a website no longer have the merit they once did. You have to do more.

Social media implementation is paramount in this day and age. There are, however, some pros and cons to social media. Let's start out with the pros. Social media is a great strategy in not only finding clients, but also in boosting your rankings on search engines. A lot of the same strategies used in traditional SEO marketing are still utilized in social media. Keyword targeting and relevance are still important for not only clients, but also search engines and the speed with which they can recognize your progress to help with the ranking. For many social media platforms, using the right keywords and titles on social media posts expedites the ability of a search engine to raise the rankings of the website you are currently listing on. While using social media, unique, good content is well within search engine guidelines, and it creates a more personal feel whether it is a good or a service you are trying to relay to the public. Best of all, most social media is free.

Social media has a few cons, however, including malicious usage and users having too much freedom when it comes to opinions about a product or a place. There are ways to combat these types of maneuvers, but they exist. You have a lot of freedom as far as what to put on posts, but it is also good to stay on task, too. Have fun with your posts when it comes to marketing, but not too much fun. Depending on the content, humor can be both good and bad. It is also easy to include sales pitches on your posts, but you don't want to inundate potential clients or friends you have on social media. It can be fatiguing for people to constantly receive marketing or sales pitches, so be sure to keep a good balance. As long as social media is used strategically, it is a very good source for your marketing needs.


Author: Shane Parry
Position: SEO Account Manager
Shane Parry has worked at Business Promotion since March 2014. He has extensive internet marketing experience at multiple companies. He likes a lot of things that are not computer related as well.

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