Setting Your Blog Apart From the Rest

Published: 10/06/2014

So you have a blog set up...

That's awesome! Now that you have read through our list of weekly blog ideas, you're ready to start creating your first blog post. So how do you get from these ideas to an engaging, successful blog post that will look great on your website and draw in readers and create a buzz about your business?

The first step is to choose a topic that is relevant to your intended audience. You can choose one of our ideas, or you can come up with an idea of your own. The important thing is to choose a subject that can offer your readers valuable information they can benefit from. Whether you use interesting facts, offer an opinion on current events, or provide an emotional story, content that is unique and creative will result in greater responses from your readers. If you are a dentist, for example, don't just bash your readers over the head with the importance of flossing. Nearly everyone has heard that flossing is important, and they won't want to read the same spiel all over again. Instead, offer new research and statistics related to flossing or explain a better way for patients to floss.

Once you've written and proofread your blog, it is important to add interesting and relevant photos, diagrams, or videos to your blog to break up the block of text. Large blocks of text can be daunting, especially if they are being read on mobile devices. An embedded video from YouTube, such as the one above, can also be an excellent tool to add authority and professionalism to your blog post. You can find a video on YouTube that speaks to your point, or you can create a video of your own like we did. In this video tutorial, Sara goes over the steps for making a good YouTube video. You can also spice up the blog post by varying the text as well. Use fun and creative headers, set important text in bold, italicize, and occasionally USE CAPS.

Your blog post is now a visual masterpiece that people will enjoy reading, but after you've clicked "publish," it is essential that you share your post where people will see it. Share your post on your business and personal social media pages, and encourage your friends, colleagues, and staff to share the post as well.

So there you have it. Get out there and get blogging!


Author: Mike Nay
Position: Social Media Account Manager, Blogger
Mike Nay graduated with a bachelor's degree in English and an art minor from Tulane University. At Business Promotion, Mike obsessively stays up to date with the latest trends in social media and writes informative and engaging blogs. Outside of work, Mike is commonly classified as a hipster when he is playing disc golf, listening to old vinyl records, and glassblowing.

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