How to get more dental patients from your website

Personalizing Your Website: Special Offers & Promotions

Published: 09/22/2014

Having a website that stands out is essential to gaining new, high-quality clients. We have recently reviewed a few ways you can personalize your website, including writing an About Us page, adding photos, regularly updating your blog, and featuring reviews and testimonials. Today, we will discuss how special offers and promotions can make your website unique and further encourage website visitors to become clients.

First, you need to decide whether you want to have any special offers or promotions on your website. If you do not, that's just fine. But if you do, it can be a great tool for making your website unique. Adding a promotional offer lets website visitors know that you are willing to give them a special deal just for going to your website. Be sure to make your special offer individual to your business and your website - rather than a generic "Receive 20% off your first visit," try something more like, "Call Dr. Peterson's office to receive 20% off your first advanced teeth whitening treatment!" If you aren't interested in offering this type of promotion, try a contest or raffle - people love to enter contests that could result in a free prize.

In addition to making the promotion specific to your business, it is also helpful to add promotions that have deadlines or expiration dates. This motivates your website visitors and clients to act before it's too late. A great way to implement this practice is to have seasonal offers, such as a summer special, a back-to-school offer, or a holiday promotion. Seasonal promotions also require you to regularly update your website, which is good both for your search engine rankings and for showing your clients that you are interested in staying engaged with them and continually providing them with special offers.

Special offers and promotions can be an effective tool for making your website more individual and for prompting website visitors to make that call and become a client. If you would like to add a special offer or promotion to your website, email Business Promotion at


Author: Caroline Larson
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